Introducing ROSA at the Queen’s Medical Center

Meet ROSA, the new robotic knee replacement system in Honolulu. Dr. Morton played a pivotal role in bringing a robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery to Queen’s Medical Center.

ROSA is a robotic platform that takes a personalized approach to plan for your knee replacement using a three-dimensional model created from special x-rays.  These x-rays are matched to your knees to help deliver a personalized knee replacement.  Your new knee done with robotic assistance allows for accurate placement of implants with less soft-tissue dissection. Less soft-tissue dissection helps you with quicker recovery and return to your active lifestyle.

ROSA is the only robotic system in the state of Hawaii that matches pre-operative imaging (x-ray, CT-scan or MRI) to your intra-operative measurements to deliver a knee replacement with precision.

Speak with Dr. Morton to learn about robotic-assisted joint replacements with ROSA.

Rosa Robotic Knee Replacement at The Queen's Medical Center