8 Reasons That The Anterior Hip Replacement is a Better Approach

Dr. Paul Norio Morton


Soft Tissue Sparing

The anterior approach avoids cutting the muscle, as it follows the natural path between the muscles.


Smaller Incisions 

The anterior approach to the hip is much closer to the hip joint, allowing for a smaller incision.


Many patients do complain of pain on the day of surgery, and may not require more than Tylenol for pain control.

Less Pain


The traditional approaches require patients to avoid internally rotating the hip, or bending the hip past 90 degrees. This can be very limiting for patients during their recovery phase.

No  Hip Precautions



Faster and Easier Recovery – Without posterior hip precautions and less pain after surgery, recovery is much faster


Early Discharge From Hospital


Many patients are able to go home on the day of surgery

Lower Risk of Hip Dislocation – More accurate positioning of implants during surgery allow for a lower risk of hip dislocation


Equal Leg Lengths – Leg length discrepancy after surgery, especially in Hawaii (where people wear slippers or walk barefoot on the beach), can be a big deal. Intra-operative x-rays performed during the anterior hip surgery allow for more accurate placement of implants and avoid leg length issues.