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What’s Involved in your Consultation?

Your consultation is a multiple step process that involves Dr. Morton evaluating your symptoms, physical examination, diagnostics and development of a treatment plan. He provides a one-stop-shop for all of your orthopedic needs with a in-house, digital x-ray and ultrasound machine that are set to modern standards. He has all the equipment available in his office to begin the work-up of your problem whether it be related to a sports injury, work-related injury, trauma or general orthopaedic concern. Seeking a second opinion? No problem.

Comprehensive Evaluation


  • In-office X-ray: Images available after visit from either The Queen’s Medical System if at North Hawaii Community Hospital or Queen’s West or our in-house x-ray system
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Physical examination of your injury or pain

Comprehensive Evaluation


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Schedule your consultation or new patient appointment. Dr. Morton is a leading orthopedic surgeon, providing patients in Oahu, Big Island, and neighbor Hawaiian Islands with advanced care for their hip and knee issues and concerns. Dr. Morton specializes in treating problems of the hip and knee including arthritis, trauma or fractures, occupational and sports-related injuries. He has interest in robotic joint replacements as well as revision hip or knee replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Replacement (FAQ)

Yes! Call today (808)439-6201

If I am in the office, usually I will see patients that walk-in. However, we prefer that you call ahead to let us know, especially if you have an emergency. If you are a new patient, it is important to find out if your insurance covers your visit before you come to the office.
If we are very busy in the office, we will have to reschedule your visit.

I will see you for most of your visits. Sometimes when I am seeing patients on a different island, one of my partners will see you if you have an urgent problem. I do not currently work with a physician assistant or nurse practitioner – I feel that you always have the right to see your doctor.

I do 100% of my surgical cases. While I do teach residents, it is in a demonstration mode to ensure patient safety. Surgery is a team approach – residents or assistants are required to ensure that you are taken care of appropriately.
If you see me for a problem that is unrelated to my specialty, I will refer you to another expert.