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This is a complete guide to robotic joint replacement.

In this guide you’ll learn all about:

  • History of Robotics in Orthopedics
  • Benefits and Advantages of Robotics
  • Different Orthopedic Robots
  • Evidence Behind Robotic Surgery
  • Training Required
  • How to Prepare for you surgery

So if you want to make sure that you get the most out of your hip or knee surgery, you will get a ton of value from today’s guide.

Robotic Hip and Knee Surgery


Role of Robotic-Assistance in Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery
Robotic Surgery History
Anterior total hip replacements
Performing a Robotic Surgery
Robot-Assisted Total Knee Procedure Video Demonstration
Different Robotic Orthopedic Procedures
Robotic Systems
Specialized Training
Frequently Asked Questions
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Role of Robotic-Assistance in Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Surgery
  • More data collected intraoperatively
  • Increased accuracy
  • Real-time info on size, alignment, and balance
  • Improved real-time surgical decisions
  • Optimized ligament balance
  • Personalized implant position
  • Consistent leg alignment
  • Improved safety with bone cuts

Robot-assisted surgery is a new, exciting tool in orthopedics. In industry, robotic arms have made an incredible difference in efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in manufacturing.

Robots have made advancements in urology, spinal surgery, general surgery, gynecology, gastrointestinal surgery, and many other fields. It makes sense that robots would make their way into joint replacement surgery.

Robotic-assisted surgery is now involved in hip and knee replacements.

While conventional surgery methods for joint replacements have a tremendous success history, this new technology offers many exciting advantages in 2020.

Orthopedic surgeons have a variety of systems to choose from based on their preferences. I will go into the details of these different systems below.