Марина Б. Avatar
Марина Б.

Dr Morton is a young, smart orthopedic surgeon at the top of his field. He has an excellent demeanor, great... read more

Dnl S. Avatar
Dnl S.

Dr Morton is an Amazing MD and person!

Daniel K. Avatar
Daniel K.

The office was really comfortable. The staff was nice and helpful. The whole experience was really great.

RateMDs R.

Very handsome. Took very good care of me. Thank you!

Healthgrades U.

Dr. Morton has an excellent bedside manner. He really took the time to talk with me about all of my... read more

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Dr. Morton has an excellent bedside manner. He really took the time to talk with me about all of my... read more

Marina B. Avatar
Marina B.

Doctor Morton is the best in orthopedic field if you need hip replacement. I wouldn’t trust my hip to... read more

Abigail v. Avatar
Abigail v.

Nice doctor and staff. Overall good experience .

Rick L. Avatar
Rick L.

Staff is great! Dr Morton is easy to communicate with and helped me with my joint management. I’m... read more

Nancy L. Avatar
Nancy L.

The staff are friendly. I really respect Dr Morton. He is clear while explaining health issues or concerns.Dr Morton has... read more

Suzie A. Avatar
Suzie A.
5 star rating

My 75 year old mother put off getting knee surgery for several years. She endured the pain, because she... read more

Allison T. Avatar
Allison T.

We met Dr. Morton in the ER at Queens and although we had our regular Ortho Dr, our family decided... read more

Cheryl M. Avatar
Cheryl M.

Staff were very nice and helpful. Dr. Morton was friendly and took his time to answer all questions. Will definitely... read more

Ernie A. Avatar
Ernie A.

Very satisfied with my first visit with Dr Morton. He explained to me what are my options concerning my knee... read more

Randall S. Avatar
Randall S.

I am just totally satisfied with my knee replacement I feel like a million I recommend Dr Paul Morton for... read more

Marina S. Avatar
Marina S.
5 star rating

Direct anterior total hip arthroplasty is a technically demanding procedure; each step plays a critical role in the outcome. That's... read more

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Sandi L.

I enjoyed talking to Dr. Morton and his honesty regarding my problems! I would highly recommend him!

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Alison K.

Dr. Paul Morton is a very caring doctor. He asks you what you want to. Not just say you need... read more

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Angel M.

Very great people

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Bob S.

I found Dr Morton through his website which was extremely informative and I learned much about hip replacement surgery. Since... read more

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Thank you! I’ve seen several doctors about my hip replacement. Dr. Morton was the first to listen and correctly... read more

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Kaye T.

I am grande doctor Paul norio Mortonsurgery my hip replacement two half weeks agoGetting better day by day!He’s... read more

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Karen M.

Great Doc, so informative and patient. Staff is wonderful and most helpful. Feel like I am valued, and in great hands.

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Lorina A.

It was ok the only thing was that the lady that was making my blood test paper was like she... read more

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Sherrill B.

It was refreshing to have a tutorial by Dr Paul Notion Morton on my knee problem. I really appreciate his... read more

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John C.

Super friendly staff, no waiting, and Dr Morton is very knowledgeable.

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Carol W.

All of the staff were very helpful and friendly, and Dr. Morton was definitely a joy to talk with.... read more

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Violet H.

Over the decades, my love of sports has resulted in severe osteoarthritis in both knees. My knees were already at... read more

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Violet H.
5 star rating

After decades of participating in sports (e.g., baseball, basketball, handball, jump rope, karate, tennis, golf), my knees were totally trashed.... read more

Joyce Y. Avatar
Joyce Y.

First time seeing Dr. Morton at Queen’s POB2. He did my mom’s hip surgery at Kuakini in December 2018 when... read more

Healthgrades U.

Thank you for what you do!

Sherry B. Avatar
Sherry B.
5 star rating

Very impressive doctor and can't say enough good things about him and the experience I've had so far! He truly... read more


Easy to talk to. Very good at explaining my hip problem that I’ve been dealing with for years. ... read more

Self-verified p.

Happy results Been having problems with my hips for years. Recently underwent a hip replacement. I’m walking around like I’m 20 years... read more

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Phil O.

Very quick and easy. Very knowledgeable and great care.

Holly K. Avatar
Holly K.

Highly recommend Dr. Morton. He’s extraordinarily knowledgeable, professional, passionate, talented and experienced.

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Kasey T.

Very knowledgeable and strives to help you any way possible.

Marina B. Avatar
Marina B.

I had great experience with Dr Morton, he spend almost an hour explaining details and options for my hip. I... read more

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Kathy D.

Friendly office staff and most importantly a thorough, not rushed visit with Dr. Morton. I appreciate the conservative treatment approach.

Healthgrades U.

Great experience. Highly recommend!

Sherry B. Avatar
Sherry B.

Wow! Very impressive doctor!I was shuffled around to 2 other orthopedics due to complications. I was a bit skeptical at... read more

Johan C. Avatar
Johan C.

I’ve lived with my left hip injury for 34 years since ‘86 or ‘87, I was reluctant to get it... read more

Berry S. Avatar
Berry S.

Awesome Doc, great staff, very personable, very attentive to your needs, easy to contact and talk with.

L w.


Noelani Y. Avatar
Noelani Y.

Very professional with good bedside manner, giving all information for upcoming surgery making sure I felt completely comfortable

Neal K. Avatar
Neal K.

Dr. Morton treated me from July 31st from last year. Lot of fractures and a broken arm. The... read more

Self-verified p.

Five Stars The doctors visit was a very pleasant experience and the staff was very patient with me. Thank you!

RateMDs R.

Fell and broke my wrist. He came into the emergency department and set it. I'm about 4 months out and... read more

RateMDs R.

Excellent doctor. Really took care of my knee pain! Thanks for the knee shot!

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Mary M.
5 star rating

This is a long overdue review! Dr. Morton took a look at my wrist because it had a huge lump... read more

Self-verified p.

Excellent treatment! Dr. Morton is extremely thorough and patient. My knee is now straight and I have been able to get back... read more

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Ruff R.
5 star rating

Dr. Morton is a highly skilled, professional, caring orthopedic surgeon. He is very thorough and makes careful, intelligent decisions when... read more

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Joyce T.

DR Morton is very experienced and has s wonderful caring bed side manner always willing to explain or answer questions.... read more

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Barbara H.


Susan I. Avatar
Susan I.

After my initial knee replacement four years ago, I chose Dr. Paul Norio Morton for reconstructive surgery. With his... read more


Been getting knee injections from Dr Morton. very happy with my results!

Healthgrades U.

I had a hip replacement about a year ago. I’m back on my golf game!

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T N.

Dr. Morton helped my grandmother who really was in a lot of pain with a calm demeanor and was very... read more

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I got my hip replacement by Dr Morton and I am really happy with my result. I recommend him to everyone!

Mary R. Avatar
Mary R.

From my first meeting with Dr. Morton I felt a real connection to him. He was straight up and honest... read more

Natalie M. Avatar
Natalie M.

Dr. Morton is an extremely knowledgeable doctor with great experience and education. Knowing he has had three ACL reconstructive surgeries... read more

C N. Avatar
C N.

I saw Dr. Morton for a painful knee that's been bugging me for a few years. He was informative and... read more