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Why Do Patients Seek a Second Opinion?

When facing a complex issue or difficult treatment decision, sometimes it is helpful to get a second opinion. Some patients may believe that they encountered the “wrong diagnosis”. I am a specialist in hip and knee problems that may be able to answer questions that you felt were not answered. Many of my patients have had multiple surgeries in the past. Other orthopedic doctors have referred patients to me with difficult hip and knee arthroplasty problems. Neighbor island patients often have limited options.

Second Opinion

How should you prepare for a second opinion?

Please collect all previous medical records available in relation to your problem surgery. Please bring the office notes from your prior treating physician. Our office can help you with making these requests. Please do this prior to our appointment. I am unable to make a full assessment of your problem without all of your history available.

Please bring:

  • Previous Operative Reports
  • Prior imaging
  • Prior clinic notes from your treating provider(s)

What should you do after the second opinion?

I may agree with your original diagnosis and treatment plan. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you are making the right decision for your care. However, sometimes I may offer you a different diagnosis or treatment strategy. We will place this in our documentation – which you may obtain after your visit. If you decide to return to see me for further treatment, please let me know.

I saw Dr. Morton and would like to get a second opinion.

I encourage my patients to talk with other physicians. Sometimes the problems we face are not easily solved. You do not need to ask my permission.