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  • Board-certified, Fellowship Trained Knee Surgeon
  • Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Nonoperative and operative treatments available
  • High success rate in treating partial knee replacement
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Well-versed with modern techniques such as partial knee replacements and robotic-assisted joint replacements.
  • Fellowship-trained and specialist in knee surgery
  • Takes care of revision knee replacements and complex operations
  • Trauma Surgeon at Level 1 Trauma Center – Queen’s Medical Center
  • Natalie M. Avatar
    Natalie M.

    Dr. Morton is an extremely knowledgeable doctor with great experience and education. Knowing he has had three ACL reconstructive surgeries... read more

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    Mary R.

    From my first meeting with Dr. Morton I felt a real connection to him. He was straight up and honest... read more

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    Dr. Morton helped my grandmother who really was in a lot of pain with a calm demeanor and was very... read more

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    5 star rating

    Dr. Morton is a highly skilled, professional, caring orthopedic surgeon. He is very thorough and makes careful, intelligent decisions when... read more

  • George

    Been getting knee injections from Dr Morton. very happy with my results!

    RateMDs R.

    Excellent doctor. Really took care of my knee pain! Thanks for the knee shot!

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    C N.

    I saw Dr. Morton for a painful knee that's been bugging me for a few years. He was informative and... read more

    Self-verified p.

    Excellent treatment! Dr. Morton is extremely thorough and patient. My knee is now straight and I have been able to get back... read more


What is a Partial Knee Replacement?

Partial knee replacements (unicompartmental knee replacements) are a type of knee replacement that only replaces the arthritic part of the knee. Patients with a partial knee recover from their surgery faster and are more likely to have a knee that feels like a normal knee compared to a total knee replacement.

Partial knee replacements only replace the part of the knee that is arthritic. In a total knee replacement, there are two ligaments that are normally removed – the anterior cruciate ligament and the posterior cruciate ligaments. In addition, partial knee replacements allow you to keep the good cartilage that is in your knee. Unlike a traditional knee replacement, partial knees are considered resurfacing surgery.

Anterior total hip replacements
What are the different types of partial knee replacements?

There are a few different types of partial knees. The inside of your knee is considered the “medial compartment”. Meanwhile the outside of the knee is the “lateral compartment”. The part underneath the knee cap is called the “patellofemoral compartment”. Each of these compartments can be replaced independently with a lateral, medial or patellofemoral replacement. Sometimes two compartments can be replaced, a “bicompartmental replacement”


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