Telehealth or Virtual Visit with your Orthopedic Doctor – Easy Step-by-Step Instructions!2021-04-05T19:57:42-10:00

Dr Morton is Excited to Offer Virtual Visits!

At Dr. Morton’s office, we are continuously working on ways to remain innovative and continue to offer patients appointments despite distance or COVID-19.  Patients who have trouble reaching Dr. Morton because of distance from a neighbor island or concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic may schedule a virtual visit! We are happy to help you interact face-to-face through either an iPhone/Android app or through a web browser on your laptop.

Thinking about a telemedicine visit? Please read the following:

  • Telemedicine or telehealth visits are schedule appointments at a specific time with Dr. Morton
  • Just like normal office visits, any patient deductibles and co-pays may apply. You should check with your insurance company regarding coverage.
  • You will need either a computer with a webcam or a telephone with a front-facing camera (iPhone or Android app)
  • Access to your online patient portal (either via the phone app or web-browser)
  • If you are using a web browser, you will need either chrome or firefox to access the application.

If you’re interested in setting up a telemedicine appointment, call us or request an appointment today.

Check out these tutorials below for obtaining access to your telehealth visit.

Web Browser

Download Directions on Setting Up Telehealth on Your Web-Browser

Mobile Device (Android/iPhone)

Download Directions on Setting Up Telehealth on Your iPhone or Android

Orthopedic Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

Is telemedicine safe and HIPAA compliant?2021-01-21T06:26:58-10:00

Dr. Morton cares about the safety and privacy of our patients. We use an online platform that adheres to HIPAA privacy requirements.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?2021-01-21T06:26:28-10:00

Telemedicine offers patients a way to connect with physicians without leaving their homes. This is for convenience and safety from COVID-19.

What can be done during a telehealth appointment?2021-01-21T06:27:38-10:00
  • New patient and follow-up appointments
  • Order labs and imaging as needed
  • Reviewing previously ordered labs or imaging
  • Monitoring practice prescribed medications
  • Discuss any new concerns
What if I need x-rays before my virtual appointment?2021-01-21T06:28:15-10:00

If x-rays are needed, we send orders to outside imaging companies. It’s best to allow 72 hours after x-rays are complete to have a telemedicine appointment to ensure we have been able to view your films.

How will you do a physical exam?2021-01-21T07:04:45-10:00

We will do the best we can with visual aids for your telehealth visit. However, a telehealth visit cannot substitute for an in-person physical examination. If we feel that you would benefit from a physical examination, we will discuss this with you during your visit and schedule an in-person appointment.