First Year of Recovery After ACL Reconstruction

The first year of recovery after the status of the knee largely dictates an ACL reconstruction before surgery and your desired level of activity.

The First Month of Recovery after  ACL  Reconstruction

The first month after surgery is about managing swelling and pain and protecting the healing graft while gaining full knee extension and increasing quadriceps strength.

Three Months After ACL Reconstruction

Sport-specific or activity-specific training needs to begin during this timeframe. A focus on neuromuscular re-education, balance, and controlling the surgical leg with different movement patterns is essential in avoiding the risk of re-rupturing the ACL.

The 9 – 12 Month Timeframe

If your goal is to return to a high-level sport, then full speed running, cutting, high jumps, rebounds, long jumps, etc. should be trained and progressed towards during this timeframe.