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After you have had knee replacement surgery and you have been cleared for physical activity, you may want to incorporate yoga into your recovery regimen.

Adding these yoga postures to your therapeutic regimen can be beneficial in your journey:

Warrior Two

Warrior Two is a lunging yoga posture that can strengthen the  quadriceps. This is important because you want to build strength around  the supporting muscles that surround the knee joint.

Tree Pose

This is a standing balancing posture that will aid in the recovery of  your knee replacement. Because you will be balancing on one foot, you  may want to stand near a wall or high-backed chair to assist your  posture.

Bridge Pose

Another yoga posture to practice to regain strength in your leg muscles  is Bridge Pose. This is a backbend, but you can perform the pose with a  prop and still effectively activate your glutes, hamstrings, and hip  flexors.

Child Pose

This is a yoga posture that can still afford you greater range in your  recovering knee, while also providing relaxation. You will need several  props for this variation of the pose: a blanket and a large cushion.


After any yoga practice, you may finish in Savasana. Simply lie on your back on your yoga mat for several minutes to allow your entire body to relax.