Sports Medicine and Joint Preservation

Sometimes the best way to treat an injury is to avoid it all together.  Dr. Morton is a firm believer that his athletes should take care of themselves before, during and after physical activity.

4 Tips to Keep you Safe While Active





Increase activity gradually

Take a break

Stay hydrated


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There are many injuries common to athletes. Dr. Morton also provides treatment for common injuries:

– Heat Exhaustion – Muscle Cramps – Bruises – Shin Splints – Sprains

– Strains – Stress fractures – Torn Ligaments and Tendons – Evaluation of sport injuries – Physical Therapy

Using arthroscopy, small incisions and minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Morton will do his best to repair your injuries.

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– Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction – Achilles Tendon Ruptures and Achilles Tendonopathy – Meniscus tears and Meniscus Repair – Broken Collarbones

Specialized Sports Care

Returning to sports after a joint replacement can be a big deal. Dr. Morton can provide advice for returning to activities.

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