On October 4, 2022, Dr. Morton implanted the first Zimmer Biomet Persona IQ Total Knee replacement in Hawaii at the Honolulu Sports and Spine Center with the assistance of ROSA robotics. Utilizing similar technology to that found in a pacemaker, smart implants allow surgeons and their teams to monitor patient outcomes better.

“We are excited to be the first to place this new Innovation in the field of knee surgery,” said Dr. Morton. “This is truly a game-changer for our patients.”

The Zimmer Biomet Persona IQ smart total knee replacement is the first and only FDA-cleared smart knee replacement. This system provides feedback from the implant with information on the knee’s range of motion, steps, and walking speed. This information can be better used to measure outcomes following knee replacement and may be used to find problematic knee replacements sooner.

“The results we are seeing with this robotic technology are very promising,” said Morton. “We are hopeful that this will allow our patients to return to their normal activities faster and with less pain.”

If you are considering a total knee replacement, you may be a candidate for this revolutionary new procedure. The Zimmer Biomet Persona IQ Knee Replacement is changing the way orthopedic surgeons perform surgery and providing patients with better outcomes. For more information about this new procedure, please contact us today!

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