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Dr. Paul Norio Morton, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, made waves in Hawaii by bringing robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery to both Honolulu and the Big Island. Dr. Morton utilizes a robotic assistant for both hip and knee replacements, achieving remarkable success.

Here are the key highlights of this pioneering feat:

  • Robotic Precision: The Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement system allows for unprecedented precision during surgery. Comprising three essential components—the surgeon console, optical tracking navigation, and robotic arm—this technology facilitated meticulous planning and execution.
  • Patient Benefits: Patients undergoing robotic-assisted joint replacement experience several advantages:
    • More Precise Surgeries: The robotic arm can make delicate movements that a human hand cannot achieve, ensuring accurate placement of surgical cuts.
    • Faster Recoveries: Thanks to the precise nature of the procedure, patients can expect quicker healing and rehabilitation.
    • Less Pain: Robotic-assisted surgery minimizes discomfort.
    • Fewer Complications: The advanced technology contributes to better outcomes overall.

Dr. Morton’s expertise extends beyond the operating room. He specializes in hip and knee replacement surgery, making him one of the few surgeons in Hawaii certified to perform Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement. Patients seeking top-notch care can find him at his Offices in Honolulu, Waipahu, and Ali’i Health Center in Kona.

Dr. Paul Norio Morton’s holistic approach to orthopedics emphasizes patient desires and expectations, ensuring comprehensive treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. His commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient well-being sets a new standard for joint replacement in Hawaii