Small Lifestyle Changes Can Make a Big Impact on Your Health

Dr. Morton has instituted a new virtual lifestyle health program, Prescribe FIT, designed specifically for orthopedic patients to decrease weight, reduce pain, improve mobility, and better prepare for and recover from surgery. We’re embracing this innovative technology to provide more comprehensive care to our patients.

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Prescribe FIT helps patients improve their health through simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle. It’s also covered by insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance carriers. Our team will review your benefits eligibility and financial responsibility for the program prior to your enrollment.

Prescribed by Us. Customized to You.

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Prescribe FIT is a proven lifestyle program—not a fad diet or short-lived workout plan—that helps you improve your health at home by focusing on the root causes of your knee, hip, ankle, back and joint issues.

What Will Our Patients Experience?

You will routinely engage in personalized exercise and learn about eating better. You will be provided a Bluetooth scale that pairs with a smart device to send daily body weight readings to your doctor.

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You will also be matched with a Care Coordinator for supportive conversations and personalized recommendations to support healthy lifestyle changes.

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Dr. Morton is committed to servicing Hawaii’s orthopedic needs with this effective at-home program. As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions or for more information.

Prescribe FIT Patient Testimonial

Hear about David’s experience with Prescribe FIT
  • Weight loss of 40 pounds

  • A1C reduction of 1.3%

  • Improvements in energy & movement