In healthcare, delivering top-tier services and fostering accessibility should always go hand in hand. This belief fuels the passion and commitment of healthcare practices, like Dr. Morton’s orthopedic clinic, specializing in hip and knee conditions, who strive to make their services available to as many individuals as possible.

In line with this mission of inclusivity, Dr. Morton’s practice takes pride in accepting patients covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA). HMSA, known for its affordable and comprehensive health coverage, caters to more than half of Hawaii’s population. The partnership between Dr. Morton’s practice and HMSA allows for an extensive range of patients to have access to excellent orthopedic care. This step significantly contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Patients enrolled under HMSA insurance plans, including Akamai Advantage, Quest, HMO, Fed Plan 87, the Employer-Union Trust Fund (EUTF), and the Federal Employee Program (FEP), can fully avail of Dr. Morton’s expertise.

This integration opens up possibilities for patients needing specialized orthopedic care, whether preventive, conservative, or surgical treatments for hip and knee conditions. By embracing HMSA’s coverage, Dr. Morton’s practice ensures that top-quality orthopedic care is within reach of the wider community.

This blog post will delve into the specifics of these HMSA plans and how patients under these schemes can best utilize the orthopedic services offered by Dr. Morton’s practice. The aim is to guide patients in their healthcare journey, empowering them to make informed decisions about their orthopedic health.

Akamai Advantage: Bridging Medicare with Quality Care

Dr. Morton’s practice shines in the personalized care provided to those utilizing Medicare, specifically those on HMSA’s Akamai Advantage plan. This comprehensive coverage affords beneficiaries access to a wide array of services, from regular check-ups to prescription medications, and now includes Dr. Morton’s specialized orthopedic services. With an eye toward prevention and early detection, his practice is keen on offering services tailored to meet the unique needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

Quest Integration: Orthopedic Care for Those in Need

In alignment with the objectives of Quest Integration—a managed care program aimed at eligible Hawaii residents requiring medical assistance—Dr. Morton’s practice has committed to providing high-quality, coordinated orthopedic care. By working in tandem with patients and their healthcare providers, the practice helps to ensure improved joint health and overall quality of life.

HMO Plan: Coordinated Care

One key element of HMO plans is the referral system. Unlike PPO plans, where patients can visit any specialist they wish, HMO plans require a referral from the patient’s PCP before they can see a specialist such as Dr. Morton. This requirement ensures that every patient’s healthcare journey is coordinated and appropriate, eliminating unnecessary procedures and reducing healthcare costs.

For patients covered under HMSA’s HMO plans who wish to receive orthopedic care from Dr. Morton, the process begins with a consultation with their PCP. If the PCP determines that specialized orthopedic care is necessary, they will issue a referral for you to see an orthopedist.

If your PCP agrees you need specialized orthopedic care, express your desire to see Dr. Morton. Discuss why you believe Dr. Morton’s practice will be the best fit for your health needs. Remember, your healthcare journey is a collaborative process and your input matters.

Federal Employees: Specialized Orthopedic Services

Understanding the unique physical demands placed on public servants, Dr. Morton’s practice extends its orthopedic services to federal employees under HMSA Fed Plan 87 and the HMSA Federal Employee Program (FEP). With a focus on managing joint wear and tear, treating injuries, and providing preventive care, the practice offers specialized orthopedic services tailored to this group’s needs.

Embracing State Employees with EUTF

Dr. Morton’s practice welcomes patients from the Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF), a health plan dedicated to Hawaii’s public employees and retirees. The practice is committed to offering world-class orthopedic care that supports the health and longevity of Hawaii’s public workforce.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans: A Gateway to Flexible Orthopedic Care

Beneficiaries of the HMSA’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans can look forward to a more flexible approach to managing their orthopedic health. Unlike HMO plans, where a referral from a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is necessary, PPO plans allow patients the liberty to choose any healthcare specialist directly, even those outside of the plan’s network. This grants PPO beneficiaries a greater degree of freedom in their healthcare journey.

For patients seeking the specialized orthopedic services of Dr. Morton, this means they can directly schedule an appointment without needing to secure a referral. Whether patients are suffering from chronic hip and knee conditions or have recently incurred injuries, they can leverage this flexibility to access Dr. Morton’s expertise promptly.

However, even with the liberty to see out-of-network providers, PPO plan beneficiaries are encouraged to visit in-network doctors like Dr. Morton due to the cost-effectiveness of in-network care. While out-of-network services are covered under PPO plans, the coverage is typically less than that provided for in-network services, resulting in higher out-of-pocket expenses for the patient.


In sum, Dr. Morton’s orthopedic practice is committed to serving a diverse range of patients by accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield HMSA beneficiaries, including those on Akamai Advantage, Quest, HMO, Fed Plan 87, EUTF, and FEP plans. This move represents a significant stride in providing comprehensive, top-tier orthopedic care to the wider community.