mymobility app

Dr. Morton is providing his patients with access to mymobility.  My mobility is an app available on the Android and Apple store that will help accelerate your recovery with rapid recovery protocols that you can do from home after your hip or knee surgery.

The mymobility® App with Apple Watch is your surgical journey companion, linking you to your surgeon and care team before and after certain types of surgery, injury, or trauma. With step-by-step instructions and daily to-do lists, mymobility with Apple Watch supports your surgical preparation and recovery. Education, surveys, and exercises selected by your surgeon are accessed through mymobility on your iPhone with progress status provided by mymobility on your Apple Watch. mymobility reads users’ daily steps, floors, and heart rate data from HealthKit for clinical reporting. mymobility on your Apple Watch will also provide reminders when you have new activities to complete, plus track your recovery through step and floor counts and heart rate metrics to help you and your surgeon track your functional progress throughout your recovery. Step into the future with mymobility.