Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Protocols

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Protocols2021-09-21T20:08:45-10:00

Please obtain a copy of your postoperative rehabilitation protocol.  PDFs are available below. Bring this with you to your physical therapy appointments to help guide the course of your care.

Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do I need physical therapy after my injury or surgery?2021-02-28T18:19:05-10:00

Physical therapists do an excellent job of helping patients reach their full potential. They have advanced degrees in understanding body mechanics and helping you recover and get your life back to normal. If you have questions about what exercises you can do on your own, or why a therapist might be necessary, talk with Dr. Morton

I didn’t get my post-op physical therapy protocol.2021-02-28T18:18:44-10:00

Please download a copy of it here. If there’s a protocol not listed here, talk with Dr. Morton.

Do you have physical therapy in your clinic?2021-02-28T18:18:27-10:00

We do not formally own a physical therapy clinic. However, we have excellent relationships with many physical therapist offices.